Skin Checks

We specialise in the detection and treatment of all disorders of the skin especially skin cancers.

Many early skin cancers are subtle and easily missed. The general recommendation from the Australasian College of Dermatologists is that everyone should check their skin at home every three months and if any suspicious lesions are noted to consult with your GP or dermatologist.

Our aim is to assist in the early detection of skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin lesions and to initiate early treatment.


We offer a variety of treatments and testing including narrowband Ultraviolet B Light Therapy and allergy testing.

Narrowband Ultraviolet B Light Therapy
Ultraviolet light occurs naturally in sunlight and is the part of sunlight which causes suburn. The use of light as a treatment is known as phototherapy and has been available since the 1980’s. The wavelength used is 311nm and is known as UVB. Psoriasis, eczema and generalised itching are the most common conditions treated with phototherapy. Read more…

Allergic contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis is common. It is often mis-diagnosed as eczema and as a result can cause long term suffering by the patient due to lack of avoidance of contact with the offending allergens. Potential allergens are extensive and are found in cosmetic products, shampoos, conditioners, clothing, contact with rubber, metals and other chemicals and environmental/occupational exposures. Occupational exposure is common in the hairdressing industry, building industry and food industry. It is imperative to identify the offending allergen/s and it’s related/cross reacting chemicals in order to successfully avoid contact with it and control the allergic dermatitis. Read more…

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